bambiniSanitize and fundamental.
The dirt that lurks in the artificial and the flooring synthetic grass Sport Fields much to say, but we simply point out that this dirty, if not washed, causes damage both to the same field that everyone who use.
Not surprisingly, the C.I.S.E.A. (Sports Facilities Commission in Artificial Grass), in promulgating the 2013 Regulations, in the chapters that relate to the maintenance of fields in Grass Synthetic REQUIRES THAT YOU MAKE THE DISINFECTION OF THE FIELD WITH PERIODIC TREATMENTS AND CONSTANT, SO TO ENSURE HYGIENE AND FIELD HEALTH OF ATHLETES.
This operation is also required for the testing of the field and to be able to keep in operation.

On the other hand wash that is deposited on both the synthetic surface that sull’intaso (bacteria of all kinds proliferate so exaggerated with the high temperatures that the field reaches, sweat, skin, spit, blood, oily stains, dust effect pollution, volatile organic compounds and other animals, etc.) becomes an obligation and a duty.

Unfortunately nature does not intervene in its “purification” process on the synthetic, as it does on natural grass fields or on earth. Even the water helps: we all know that water wets only, but not lava and dirt stays there, even if you do not see. Dirt does enormous damage to people and the aging prematurely field.
Knowing these things and not to act in an appropriate manner is a somewhat questionable conduct, both from an ethical point of view that moral health is an asset to be preserved and in particular that of children.

Now the product to make it “accessible AND HEALTHY” the artificial turf pitch is and it’s called:

CLEANER BACTERICIDAL for artificial grass

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